Eleven Vector Marketing Corporation Sales Professionals Receive “Standard of Excellence” Honor at Eastern Region Banquet

ATLANTA, GA (PRWEB) March 04, 2014

In an organization known for its high standards of excellence, Vector Marketing Corporation’s Standard of Excellence award is a true honor. The company recently bestowed that honor on 11 of its sales professionals at the recent Eastern Region Awards Banquet. More than 500 hundred corporate executives, managers, sales professionals and their families and friends attended the banquet, held earlier this year at the Sheraton Atlanta Downtown in Atlanta, Georgia.

Standard of Excellence status is awarded to Vector Marketing sales representatives and managers who have reached a goal of $ 150,000 or more in personal sales for the previous year or $ 750,000 or more in office sales for the previous year. The 2013 Standard of Excellence winners were:

$ 150,000 or more in personal sales:

    Evelyn Comer – Rockville, Maryland
    Amber Coulson – Columbia, South Carolina
    Brandy Cummings – Raleigh, North Carolina
    Aaron Ludin – Orlando, Florida
    Sam Mickle – Richmond, Virginia
    Susan Saunders – Fairfax, Virginia
    Ray Reed – Tampa, Florida

$ 750,000 or more in office sales:

    James Crittenden – Richmond, Virginia
    Jeff Gamboa – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Bryan Hurlman – S. Charlotte, North Carolina
    Jessyca Perez – San Juan, Puerto Rico

First Time Standard of Excellence winners are inducted with a picture slideshow and are awarded the Sword of Erick, presented in honor of Alcas Corporation (now Cutco Corporation) former Chairman of the Board, Erick J. Laine. Each subsequent year, they will be awarded a dagger with a different jewel. Winners are also the guests of honor at a special reception and dinner held the evening following the Vector Marketing Corporation awards banquet.    

“Individuals who achieve the Standard of Excellence are true leaders,” says Scott Dennis, Region Manager of Vector Marketing’s Eastern Region. “They have demonstrated superior skill, dedication and hard work.”

Vector Marketing Corporation is the single-level direct sales company which is the primary distributor of Cutco Cutlery produced by Cutco Cutlery Corporation, the largest manufacturer of high-end kitchen cutlery in North America. The 65-year-old company manufactures its cutlery products in the western New York State city of Olean.

Vector Marketing sales representatives typically begin selling Cutco products in college. Some remain with the company after graduation and move up the ranks as managers, while others use the experience to benefit them in other careers. Many former Vector sales professionals comment that the skills learned selling Cutco as independent contractors have set the stage for their success, both in their work and personal lives. These skills include:

    Time management
    Closing techniques
    Customer service

About Cutco Corporation and Vector Marketing

Cutco Corporation is a 65-year-old company with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Olean, New York. Vector Marketing is the company’s sales division, coordinating all sales for Cutco Cutlery through a national network of college students who sell products through in-home personal demonstrations. More than 15 million US households have a Cutco product.